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When we’ve decided to create bastonnade our first concern was to find raw products that used as few resources as possible: It includes water, electricity but also to make sure people who fabric our products are properlypaid (we’ll get more into details in the near future). Therefore we quickly decided to work with a certified factory which use organic cotton for their products.

did you know?

To create a basic cotton tee that you’ll find in stores like H&M or Pull&Bear (120-130 grams), you will have to count approximately 1250 liters of virtual water  ( You then have to add approximately 1200 liters for the washings during the lifespan of that t-shirt. There is obviously the option of a  t-shirt made out of synthetic fibers which only needs 40 liters but isn’t quite confortable, smells bad quickly and more important produces an important amount of CO2 because it is made of petrol.

organic cotton (bio): 91% less water!

The solution for all your/our problems is found in organic cotton (except if you wanna live naked!). Its water consumption is less greedy (up to 10x less, even though it’s hard to have exact numbers due to many parameters that must be included) than classical cotton and creates way less CO2 than synthetic fibers.

Organic cotton is cultivated without fertilizer nor chemical pesticides and its fibers are bleached with oxygenated water (without any chlorine). As for dyes, they do not contain any carcinogens nor heavy metal. 

pay (a bit) more but be responsible! 

So yes, you’re gonna pay your organic t-shirt - that has been made in a factory which uses renewable energies and where the employees are properly paid based on the minimum wage of the country- a bit more… But isn’t it time to favour quality over quantity ? Isn’t it time to go to the local farmers market rather than the large store which makes products come from the other side of the planet? Isn’t it time to stop giving money to billionaires who increase their profits on the back of their employees to the benefit of profitability ?

We’ve made our choice. What about you?


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